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After long discussions about our relationship with the gentlemens clubs. We decided that the best way to provide the most services to our customers was to serve everything up online, making it available to everyone. For years at Continental we have provided services other than that of just feature bookings, but many of these secondary services were just niche and not all clubs could take advantage of them, since these programs werent advertised many were unaware that they even exisited.

Now on our new website we have incorporated several new areas that have never been before seen on a feature agency website. One is the addition of recommened links & sponsors, these companies have had many years of experience in the adult industry and we trust them to provide quality products or services to our clients.

Another key area of the new site is the Traveling Entertainers program, this program was desinged to fill a huge gap for the club owners, many times you have a gorgeous club or a big event and you dont have any girls or even any "quality" girls, and some smaller towns just dont have the pretty girls a club needs to survive or many of these girls just dont want to work near their hometown, this is where we can help populate your entertainer lineup with some fresh faces.

The next popular feature on the new website is the Strip Club Head Hunter service, finding experienced and reputable employees is a difficult job when you have a large chain of clubs. We help lubricate that connection between quality applicants and clubs looking to hire.

Enjoy the new site! We hope that you will be able to utilize the services we provide to help maximize your clubs potential.



ponder_07.jpgEvery year in Mid-July The Ponderosa Sun Club holds its annual "Nudes-A-Poppin" festival in Roselawn Indiana, this contest awards three of the most coveted titles in the feature entertainment business, Miss Nude Galaxy, Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year, and Miss Nude Rising Star, these awards have survived for over 20 years in the feature biz, while other titles and pageant chains have come and gone this one stays constant and highly recognized. This is one of the last feature contests of its kind and has been attended by almost all of the top features on the road today.

Continental has been attending the two day show for over 10 years and has discovered many new features at the festival, it is also a great place for new features to work the bugs out of their biggest shows as this event is held outdoors in front of thousands of screaming fans.

It has been featured on Playboy TV several times and even suggested by many mainstream magazines as one of the most exciting adult things to do before you die.

Every Year Ron Jeremy Hosts and they also have some new "b" rate celebrity as a guest host, some past hosts include: Kid Rock, Gene Simmons, Gilbert Godfried, Vanilla Ice, Corey Feldman, and even Vern Troyer (aka Mini me).

The contest will be held Saturday and Sunday July 19th,20th it is suggested that you speak with Frank @ Continental or contact Ponderosa Sun Club directly so that they know your coming and can make sure you have a place to stay. heres a link to their site.....PONDEROSA SUN